Event I

Thursday, March 23, 2017 | 6-9pm
Cambria Gallery on 7th, 625 2nd Ave S, #101, Minneapolis, MN



Speaker: Jennifer Kern Collins

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, scattered, or stuck? Do you experience “highs and lows” more than you’d like? Is your emotional energy supporting or hindering your success? If this sounds familiar, you may be missing the key concepts and tools to navigate your emotional energy in ways that are both supportive and in Alignment with your unique Spirit and your Life path. When you know how to think about and take charge of your personal energy, your life can open up to offer you greater clarity, ease, freedom and fun along the way. In this session, we’ll look at what makes up your emotional energy and how you can begin to steer yourself toward the next highest level of success and well-being. Read More about Jennifer.



Speaker: Cassie Gruber

One of the most important foundations of well-being that can bring peace and happiness to our bodies is fitness. Fitness, however, doesn’t mean striving for the “perfect” body; it emphasizes self-care and loving your body for the miracle that it is. No matter where you are in life, there is a level of fitness for you. During this session, you will learn about exercises that will strengthen your body and bring you to peak performance, nutrition that will nourish and give you immense energy to be at your best, and how fitness helps to promote your current and future success. Read More about Cassie.