Event IV

Thursday, June 1, 2017 | 6-9pm
Cambria Gallery on 7th, 625 2nd Ave S, #101, Minneapolis, MN


Speaker: Janaya Martin

In life, sometimes moments that are completely out of our control have the greatest impact on who we become. When dealing with loss, death, or pain our strength can be challenged. However, finding a positive outlet can help us cope. In this session, we will discuss one outlet for dealing with these adversities: writing. You will discover how writing can reunite you with the inner power that has the ability to help you process difficult material, reflect on it, and rewrite the path for your future. Read More about Janaya.




Speaker: Hillary Kline

Creativity can be represented and embraced in a variety of forms. One of those ways is through the use of makeup, an art and creative outlet all on its own. Whether your go-to style includes a speedy swipe of mascara while running out the door or taking the time to intricately produce the perfect cat eye, the art of makeup can help you become a more confident you and enhance your already beautiful features. During this session, we will delve into how the use of makeup isn’t about covering areas of imperfection, but rather, it’s an art that goes skin deep. We’ll share how having a creative outlet helped one local makeup artist turn her pain into power. Through a special demonstration, we’ll walk together on the journey of self-discovery; it’s more than mascara wands and fluffy makeup brushes: it’s about learning to love yourself by overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges. Read More about Hillary.