Event IV

Thursday, June 29, 2017 | 6-9pm
Cambria Gallery on 7th, 625 2nd Ave S, #101, Minneapolis, MN


Speaker: Lisa Harris

When was the last time you demonstrated bravery? Do you find yourself holding back from making necessary changes in your life? Would you describe yourself as brave? Bravery exists in all of us. However, society has taught us that bravery is an act of heroism. In this thought-provoking & heartfelt session, we will challenge that notion. Together, we will hear the stories of brave women all over the world, learn how to recognize the brave moments in our lives, and understand why being brave is essential for living a fulfilling life and reaching our highest poetential. Let's awakening your Bravery! Read More about Lisa.



Speaker: Tressie Schneider

When fashion week comes around and it feels like all you're seeing is a steady stream of crazy, unwearable, unrelatable looks, it's easy to get overwhelmed by fashion trends or altogether dismiss fashion trends. In this informational and fun session, you will learn how to translate runway fashion trends to your everyday life. Together, we will practice "translating" to fit your own personal style and lifestyle! Read More about Tressie.