Unveiled Beauty



Unveiled Beauty is a heartfelt poetry book that unveils the real, authentic emotions of women everywhere. With a creative and unique approach, Lisa pairs original poetry with original fashion photography to capture a whole portrait of a woman, both her inner and outer beauty. The stunning photography in contrast with the poem’s gritty emotions reminds the reader that women are complex, layered and intricate beings. Within the pages of this book, the reader will journey into the depths of a woman’s heart and mind by embracing the pure essence of real life, real emotions, and real women as they endure life as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, and lovers. This is a celebration of women, all their beautiful differences, whole and broken places.

Unveiled Beauty is a sensory overload that delights the eye with high-fashion photography inspired by fashion books and magazines, meanwhile stimulating the mind with emotionally charged poetry with these key ideas flowing throughout the book:

The Journey

Each poem is reenacting a story, a memory, a fantasy, or sharing a thought provoking perspective on women’s topics. Alongside romantic poetry, Lisa boldly covers sensitive, social issues encountered by today’s women such as gender equality, aging, motherhood, female empowerment, depression and abuse. Some days, Lisa writes from her own beating heart and other days she speaks for those who cannot find their voice. In the end, she hopes that you embrace the journey and find solace through her words.


The women in the pages of this book are not professional models, but every day women who represent universal beauty. Women in Lisa’s life who inspire and support her. Physically, they are a beautiful cross-section of women with different ethnic backgrounds, shapes, ages, and sizes. Emotionally, each woman has her own unique story to tell. Most importantly, they are a reminder to the reader and a message to the world that true beauty has no boundaries and cannot be defined by media, unrealistic ideals, or the latest trend.

Ethnic Diversity

Unveiled Beauty reflects the changing face of America, the struggles that exist, and the beauty this presents for today’s women. Throughout this book, Lisa finds many ways to celebrate diversity, challenge racial stereotypes, and heighten the awareness of race and ethnicity. As minority and multiracial populations continue to grow, it is important to strengthen and celebrate the message of diversity. Lisa’s greatest hope is that not only will the poetry resonate with the reader, but that she will also see herself in the faces of these women.


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Lead Photographer

Phil Nwafor is a fashion-based lifestyle and travel photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. While he was born in the same city, he spent his formative years in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean before returning to the US for college. At the University of Wisconsin - Madison, he trained to be a Computer Engineer, and after a couple of advanced degrees has settled into a career that specializes in Technology Strategy and Innovation in the Healthcare space...Read More

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Christina McCormick is a professional award winning photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a mommy to two beautiful littles, a wife, a dedicated volunteer and social bug.  She specializes in newborn, baby and children's photography, plus commercial projects. Christina is inspired by classic style, design and beautiful light. Things that she LOVES in a picture? Simplicity, relationships, black & white images, close ups and emotion. Christina's style as been described as part contemporary, part classic and part lifestyle.


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