Lisa Harris ~ February 15, 2019

Here I am, once again. I’m sitting here at the dining room table with the sunlight peaking through the blinds. The exact place where I re-worked corporate presentations, wrote and edited my book, decorated Christmas cookies with my kids, and continue to bring my vision for Fashion Meets Poetry to life. Here I am in this space with a fire burning in my belly – fierce and strong. Those close to me often remind me, that fire – THAT is what the world needs more of.
It is called: Passion.

We need more passion, compassion and understanding.
We need to peel back the layers and reach-out to each other.

So, what is Fashion Meets Poetry really all about?

It’s so simple. Fashion Meets Poetry is about connection, being witnessed, and feeling empowered. It is for YOU, me… us. This is for all the women I have ever known. All the women I have been. This platform is for YOU – the women I have met, read about or seen. This is for the women I have hurt, let down, befriended, loved, and can’t live without. This has always been for YOU and me. There was a time in my life when I needed you and you showed up. Fashion Meets Poetry is my way of giving back to all the women. No judgment. No questions. I am reaching out my hand because life is both beautiful and hard and we need each other.

2019 Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU!

I am often asked who is she? Who are the brand ambassadors, who are the Unveiled Beauty speakers, who are the models and who is attending the events? Again, she is YOU. She is in your neighborhoods, in your carpool lanes, in the cubicle next to you, changing diapers, leading executive meetings, waiting for the bus, paying bills and roaming aimlessly down the aisles at Target. Collectively, these women find comfort, camaraderie and connection in our space. Individually, she is so very special and I see her. She is me. I am you. She has seen darkness and has risen. She’s been brought to her knees and gotten back up again. She has cried until her eyes were swollen and woke-up the next morning to take care of her children and drive profitable businesses. She has lived moments and seasons of sadness, fear, trauma or insecurities and yet she still shows up every day for her family and friends. She is us.

We are strong and powerful.
We are beautiful and brave.
We are unafraid to stand with you in your darkness… because we know.
We believe there is light and beauty in the journey we’ve endured.
Together, we empower, inspire, and find great joy in watching each other soar!

THIS is Fashion Meets Poetry!
We invite you to experience our space and join our community!

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