Unveiled Beauty

Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart


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A secret diary written from the hearts of women—an anthem of struggle and strength.

     Unveiled Beauty is more than a poetry book. In her first published collection, Lisa Harris offers stunning photography alongside heartfelt poetry reflecting women’s struggles, triumphs, and universal journeys. Harris, a former corporate retail executive with experience in apparel and beauty, has partnered with fashion and lifestyle photographers to release an original twist on a traditional poetry book.

     The Art: Never before has a poetry book combined these three art forms—fashion, photography, and poetry. With a creative and unique approach, Unveiled Beauty pairs original poetry with original fashion photography to capture a whole portrait of a woman, both her inner and outer beauty. Captivating photography, custom fashion designs, and thought-provoking poetry will draw you in from beginning to end.

     The Women: The women in the pages of Unveiled Beauty are not professional models. They are everyday women who represent universal beauty. Physically, they are a beautiful cross- section of women with different ethnic backgrounds, ages, shapes, and sizes. Unveiled Beauty hopes to connect with women of all ages at all stages in life with a focus on building confidence, self- discovery and healing.

     The Poetry: Throughout Unveiled Beauty, each poem boldly covers a wide range of topics that attest to the power and spirit of each woman’s story. Alongside love and heartache, Lisa discusses motherhood, sensitive social issues, and mental health, but more importantly, her words will leave readers feeling understood, empowered, and unified.

Praise For The Book


“Women from different cultures and walks of life all will find a story, an image, a truth that speaks to them. Lisa Harris offers a little something for everyone in Unveiled Beauty and does so with clarity, honesty and, of course, beauty.”

~ Contessa Brewer, journalist and television host


“Poetry juxtaposed with beautiful photographic images elevates Unveiled Beauty from a poetry book to a poetic odyssey. Lisa Harris invites you to tap into your innermost self with poems that send chills down your spine, tears to your eyes, and happiness in your heart.”

~ Katie Chin, celebrity chef and award-winning cookbook author


“Unveiled Beauty truly embraces the everyday woman. By featuring ordinary diverse models, Harris captures the complexities and universal identities of women of all shapes and sizes.”

~ Dorri McWhorter, CEO at YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Women’s Leadership Council, cochair at United Way Metropolitan Chicago, Mayor’s Commission for a Safer Chicago


“Unveiled Beauty is a sensual daydream, a triumphant declaration, an untold whisper. It is a song for every heart, every woman, every passion and every style. You will find yourself among these pages. You will find your friends, your mothers, sisters and friends.”

~ Jessica buy generic phentermine 37.5 mg Imse, co-owner of General Property Solutions, Unveiled Beauty model and speaker


“Lisa has found a unique way to showcase her passion for fashion, and the written word. She’s truly created a heartfelt, multi-dimensional experience, and that’s what true beauty is all about!”

~ Allison Kaplan, senior editor of shopping & style at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, radio host at Shop Girls, myTalk 107.1, founder and editor of AliShops.com


“Lisa Harris successfully combines three forms of art into one amazing work. Her method of creating Unveiled Beauty itself embraces her celebration of the intricate and multifaceted layers of womanhood. Unveiled Beauty will be a source of joy, reflection, and inspiration for many!”

~ Valerie Hildebrandt Wulf, senior director of development at the University of Wisconsin Foundation, director of sales at Mary Kay, Attorney at Law


“Unveiled Beauty is a beautiful collection of poetry. Each poem is as unique as the fashion that accompanies it. Among the pages of Unveiled Beauty, you are destined to find yourself, your mother, your sister, daughter and best friend in the words. Lisa Harris’ insightful and intimate poems tell stories of love, fear, doubt, pain, strength, courage, and survival that will speak to your heart.”

~ Jasmine Brett Stringer, author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, founder of Carpe Diem with Jasmine and lifestyle expert


“Lisa Harris has crafted a first-of-a-kind amalgamation of the truths of the soul. The fashion and photography speak to every type of woman. The poetry speaks to each woman. Lisa unveils the courage, the fears, the strength, the failures that is in each of us, and reminds us that this, this is beauty. Unveiled Beauty is a gift of her soul, from her soul, that is familiar to every woman in her grace, in her grief, in her hopes. This book unites us as warriors of the same tribe, the tribe of authenticity, vulnerability, and beauty.”

~ Susanna Sung, psychotherapist, writer of bonnevivantelife.com and Huffington Post contributor

About the Author

author_lisa-harris-roundbwLisa is the founder, poet, and creative director for Fashion Meets Poetry, LLC, and author of her first published poetry book, Unveiled Beauty. With over eighteen years in corporate America defining strategic direction, guiding product development, and leading marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, Lisa now aims to inspire and heal women through her poetry. She also hopes to share her knowledge in order to bridge the gap between business and the arts.

Lisa is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with her bachelor of business administration degree in marketing. As an alumnus, she continues to support the Wisconsin School of Business as a mentor for the Madison Business Mentoring Program and an active member of the Wisconsin Business Alumni Board.

Lisa currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her family.