Fashion Meets Poetry’s mission is to create an empowering space for women to embrace the journey of life, the power of story, and the beauty of oneself through poetry, creative self-expression, knowledge and sisterhood.

In Lisa’s first published poetry book, titled Unveiled Beauty, she helps women celebrate their inner & outer beauty and boldly covers sensitive, social issues encountered by today’s women. Alongside poetry, Fashion Meets Poetry also inspires and coaches women through online presence, speaking engagements and interactive experiences. Lisa accomplishes this with poetry readings, Fashion Meets Poetry TALKS Business lectures, and intimate Unveiled Beauty Circle discussions. Our goal is to connect with women of all ages at all stages in life with a focus on building confidence, facilitating conversation, learning, self-discovery and healing.

With over 18 years of corporate retail buying and brand management experience, Lisa has the unique ability to bridge the gap between business and the creative community. Lisa understands the importance of creating a differentiated product, developing a clear, focused strategy, and understanding the consumer. Applying this knowledge to her entrepreneurial pursuits has given her a competitive advantage. Through speaking engagements, Lisa shares her strategic approach to launching her first published book and the lessons learned along the way. Confident, passionate, and approachable, Lisa is able to engage with her audience and create long-lasting connections. Whether it be speaking to large audiences or leading intimate discussions in poetry circles and readings, she is excited to work with you, your family and friends or your organizations!


Slide1-1-e1468595986498Unveiled Beauty Circles

Partner with Lisa to create an intimate evening with your closets friends and family. Listen to poetry and discuss topics impacting your life. Lisa believes that women move forward in confidence when we share and listen to each other without judgment.
~  Self Confidence
~  Healing & Abuse
~  Women Empowerment
~  Self Discovery
~  Motherhood



Slide2-e1468502709883Fashion Meets Poetry TALKS Business

Book Lisa as a keynote speaker or panelist to share business lessons learned. Lisa can also facilitate workshops best suited for her audiences' needs. Knowledge is power and she aims to empower women in business and in the arts for success.
~  Re-discover Your True Essence: Uncover Your Passions
~  Bridging the Gap Between Business and Arts
~  Fashion Meets Poetry: The Making of Unveiled Beauty
~  Networking: An Entrepreneurs Best Friend
~  Publishing 101: Basics for Indie Publishing
~  Meet Lisa Harris: The Journey From Corporate Gal to Contemporary Poet


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