Shades of Brown

Shades-of-Brown 425
Chocolate, Mocha, and Brown Sugar
The color so exquisitely blended, untouched by the sun
Natural brown essence inherited from all those generations before
A flawless combination formulated by God, uniquely for you

Earthtone, Cinnamon, and Light Brown
The color desired by millions eager to possess the right shade
Artificial brown baked by the bulbs of a tanning booth or the rays of the sun
How blessed you are to wear that beautiful brown skin God created for you!

Caramel, Sepia, and Golden Beige
The color unfairly judged and mistreated throughout history
Demanding that you work harder alongside your fair-skinned friends in search of equality
Constantly proving yourself beyond the toasted brown skin, the skin God lovingly made for you

Bronze, Coffee, and Tan
The color of your skin, your hair, and your eyes
Natural brown beauty: after years of defying it, you finally embrace and accept it
There is no other color, no other shade that can match the beauty that you are

Shades of Brown…
Chocolate, Mocha, Brown Sugar,
Earthtone, Cinnamon, Light Brown,
Caramel, Sepia, Golden Beige,
Bronze, Coffee, and Tan
God created the perfect shade… walk confidently in your beautiful brown skin