Robyn KrenkeRobyn Krenke

Robyn Krenke is currently enjoying each moment raising her son and working on the side as a Bridal Consultant. She began her education at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and eventually earned her AAS from Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin. Robyn has found immense joy and love in her role as a mother and wife. Throughout her life, her steadfast outlet has been music. Robyn plays both the flute and trumpet and has been lucky enough to find her husband in the midst of her musical journey on UW-La Crosse’s Screaming Eagles Marching Band.

Being multiracial and plus-sized, Robyn was teased and bullied in her youth. These experiences have left deep scars, and at age 19 she was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. Plagued with panic attacks, which would last from a few minutes to a few hours, she often felt as though those moments would be her last. In time, she made the decision to seek medical attention and therapeutic outlets to cope with her attacks. It has taken much practice, but today she experiences a joyful life and has learned to see herself as beautiful. In our society, Robyn has noticed how women talk about supporting each other, when, in reality, they display signs of hate, jealousy, and judgment. She is proud to support her sister, Lisa, in her endeavor, and it is her hope that this book will inspire women to believe that despite differences, women can find comfort in the fact that they face so many similar obstacles. To her, genuinely supporting one another means accepting all the dark sides of each other’s personalities without judgment.

“Never doubt your instinct. Your gut is never wrong.”  ~Robyn Krenke