Jessica-Imse 425Jessica Imse

Jessica Imse is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BBA and a BA in English and later continued onto St. Michael’s College’s Master’s program to receive her teaching certificate. She has worked in lending, been a high school English teacher at a magnet art school, and currently works along side her husband in their building contracting business. Jessi is a mother of four and also an aspiring writer who, recently, started her own blog, Pushing Up Daisies:

Lisa and Jessi, connected on a deep level at a young age, and although life has pulled them in different directions, the respect, admiration and genuine love for one another has kept them close despite distance or time. The life experience of losing an infant at birth has profoundly changed how Jessica perceives the world. Originally a gentle optimist, she was pulled into the darkest period in her life, mourning this loss and questioning her own self-worth, human choice, and how people can pull it all back together after a tragedy. If it is true that her son’s death can be called a blessing in some light, then she believes women can find hope and grace in Unveiled Beauty for any darkness they are facing. It is through giving lightness to our dark sides that the darkness losses its control over who we are and who we are to become. When Lisa first approached her, she was compelled to be a part of this book, as Unveiled Beauty spoke so deeply in her heart to the not often celebrated dichotomies that exist within all of us.

“Forgiving others always has to begin with forgiving and loving ourselves.”  ~Jessica Imse