Thursday, October 24  | 6-9PM 

The Tuscan Center | Midtown Square Mall
3333 West Division Street #116
St. Cloud, Minnesota



is an educator, social worker, mentor, and healer. Professional work with non-profits and applied research spans prevention and intervention of gender-based violence; youth and family development; and entertainment for social change. Carliene is nearing five years as Assistant Director of Admission at her undergraduate alma mater: College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University (MN). She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at El Paso and aspires to a PhD in the near future. Singing and songwriting with her beloved Central Minnesota women’s choral group, Mettekor, are among her greatest joys.


To achieve success, do ordinary things extraordinarily well. From childhood, Carliene, did her best to live this out – playing sports, doing Girl Scouts, being active at church, getting good grades, and volunteering. Her work ethic led to some extraordinary achievements, including prestigious high school and college awards. Many people described her as talented, well-connected, and successful, but Carliene felt increasingly alone and ashamed. Ordinary things became impossible and life-threatening illness enveloped her. Today, after a decade of uncontrolled ups and disabling downs, Carliene is managing an incurable chronic condition. Embracing her diagnosis, she confronts the stigma surrounding mental illness and is accomplishing extraordinary things. Carliene’s truth inspires: even when challenged in doing ordinary things, we can achieve the extraordinary, because of all that we are!


is currently on sabbatical after teaching in the elementary setting for 16 years.  A teacher at heart, Angela is passionate about supporting people of all ages, helping individuals reach their personal goals, and achieve the best version of themselves.  She is pausing her career in education to explore the possibilities of what may be next for her professionally. You can often find Angela spending time with her children and husband, enjoying nature, painting mandalas, traveling, and singing with a choir of women.  


Imagine a time in your life when most things are going smoothly. Predictable. Familiar. Comfortable. That was where Angela was until a domino-like series of events turned her world upside down. During the upheaval of life as she knew it, she reconnected with the little girl inside her who lost her voice, her power, and her confidence. Through a deep dive of personal inquiry and healing, aspects of Angela’s life no longer felt familiar or comfortable. She began to question what was next on her soul’s journey.  In this courageous talk, Angela shares how stepping into the darkest of places in her life helped to release trauma, heal the past, and bravely move forward on a path of strength and empowerment.


is a proud midwest townie. You could say her high energy and tenacity has not only lead to several speeding tickets, but it has also propelled her into starting the INDY (I’m Not Done Yet) Foundation. Kayla is the founder of one of the fastest growing non-profits in Minnesota and a traveling saleswoman by day. After losing her husband, Kyle, to colon cancer in 2017, Kayla became bound and determined to make the most of her time here on earth. She believes that no matter what life throws at you, there are two things will always get you through are LOVE + FAITH.

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Live the life you have imagined, a familiar quote that can be seen plastered across the internet. What if the life you once imagined becomes unimaginable and you are forced to start your life over? Kayla never pictured asking her husband what his final wishes were and talking about a future life without him. Truth is, no one ever dreams or plans to become a widow at the age of 28. This wasn’t the fairy tale ending Kayla had hoped for, but she chose to turn the unimaginable into a story of grace, determination and triumph. Kayla shares her personal experience of turning grief into a story of grace, determination, and triumph. It Is her mission to help others own their story, all while being grateful and having faith in the journey.


has made it her life’s mission to form and evolve relationships, and her work is characterized by the ability to foster relationships and promote opportunities based on individual needs and desires. Ashley uses her skills to operate her own senior care business; Engaged Home Care, instruct fitness classes, substitute teach, lead an adoption support group, serve as president of the board of the nonprofit group; BARC and coach volleyball. Ashley is pursuing her Doctorate in Social Psychology and hopes to further her goals in helping children and adults with trauma create healthier environments for themselves.


When John Lennon wrote “All You Need Is Love,” he was almost certainly NOT talking about parenting – and definitely not about adoption. When Ashley’s family adoption journey began nine years ago, she and her husband truly believed that all they needed was love. The truth is they could not have been more wrong. Beyond love, they needed patience, understanding, education, and a whole myriad of life tools that they did not even know where to go shopping for. However, through the years, they were able to acquire many of these things, and on their journey, found ways to not only enrich the lives of their children, but also found and will share tips and tools she learned on her amazing road to self-growth.