Thursday, October 11, 2018 | 6-9pm

Intelligent Nutrients |983 East Hennepin Avenue |Minneapolis, MN




Creative is a word we often use to describe artists whose imagination creates transformation. What about the inventors, rebels, entrepreneurs, and change-makers? They also have incredible creative potential that inspires change. In her twenties, Jenner hit rock bottom, addicted to drugs and living in her car. Listening to her own inner wisdom, tapping into her creative potential, and discovering her voice, Jenner transformed her world. This newfound creativity led to raising funds to film a documentary about a Honduran orphanage and launching a successful film festival. In this session, Jenner shares her journey from darkness to light, reminds us to listen to our inner voice and guides us through a process for exploring our own ingenuity. Together, we will learn to dance with our creativity.


Jenner Linden coaches brilliant women who are ready to play big in their lives and clear a space for love in their hearts.  Her approach to coaching is so effective because she combines ancient wisdom with powerful, cutting-edge coaching techniques. Jenner speaks from experience; her own transformational journey lead her down a path of deep self-connection. She plays big in her own life having raised funds to film a documentary for an orphanage in Honduras and founding a successful film festival. Today, she is happily married to her soul mate. Jenner hosts the You’re So BohemianPodcast and is the creator of Holistic Discoveryevents.

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Life consists of an over-abundance of expectations often leading us to false versions of self. Many of these expectations are handed down by others while some are unrealistic ones we’ve created for ourselves. What if we would let go of all those expectations? What if we decided to live our most authentic life? Joanna will reveal an important event in her life that forced her to address these questions. Her decision would be the difference between simply existing and truly living her life. Joanna’s story resembles stories many of us carry about who we think we should be versus who we could be. In this session, you’ll be asked “What if?” and be given the opportunity to consider with unlimited potential what could be.


Joanna is an executive at a Fortune 50 company, adjunct faculty at University of St. Thomas, and the CEO of Tenacious Transformation Coaching, an executive coaching business focused on enabling clients to find their voice and claim their future. With over 15 years of experience leading projects and cross-functional teams, Joanna decided to earn an MBA from Carlson School of Business and an executive coaching certificate from the University of St. Thomas. In her pursuit for continuous learning and development, Joanna uncovered her desire to empower others in discovering what’s at their core.

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