Nicole Pillow

Nicole, the beauty cultivator, has spent the last 25 years inspiring and educating audiences across the United States and abroad. A few of her jet-setting adventures include working as a fashion commentator and production coordinator, for Ebony Fashion Fair by EBONY Magazine (world's largest traveling fashion show), and as an Inspirational Speaker for Eagle University (National Leadership Program base in Dallas TX). Nicole currently works as a media ambassador and coach for Weight Watchers, equipping people with the skills and mind-set for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Nicole also serves as the Education Director at TANDEM, a non-profit organization that cultivates a community of hope for thousands of women and children each year in crisis. As the founder and visionary for Inner Beauty Project™, a faith-based series of workshop events, Nicole is on a passionate pursuit, to provide principles and practical applications for women to become their most confident selves—from the inside out.

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