Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 6-9pm

Cooper Collective |203 Cooper Avenue North | St. Cloud, MN



is a professional singer, motivational speaker, personal development coach and the owner and creator of i.V.Life, a personal development program and company. Through group sessions and 1-on-1 coaching, i.V.Life offers clients a community and tools for sustainable change. As a singer, Jen sings lead in several local bands: Sweet Leaf, Chaser, and Radio Nation and can be heard in jingles on national radio. For over 17 years, she has also owned and managed the Buckle in St. Cloud and received numerous Leadership Development Awards making her one of Buckle’s top development leaders in the region. People are her passion and music is her therapy.

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Why had he never wanted to know his little girl? Why had he left her? Years of unanswered phone calls, unreturned letters and broken dreams weighed heavy on Jennifer’s heart. At a young age, feelings of love, value, and worth were questioned. In the years to come, Jennifer found herself chasing “He loves me’s” only to find an unhealthy cycle of “He loves me nots”. She was searching for love and always ended up back in the same spot. In this powerful talk, Jen shares her heartbreaking story, how she spent years feeling unlovable, and how she stopped the cycle and changed her heart. Jen transformed “He loves me, He loves me not” into “She loves me”. Learning to love herself first and reminding us to do the same.


is an author, poet, speaker, women’s empowerment coach, and the founder of Fashion Meets Poetry. After over 18 years leading major branding initiatives, product development, strategy and retail buying for several Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized brands – she published her first book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart. This book launched an entire platform of empowerment and community engagement to support women. Lisa celebrates her 3rd year of producing Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU! empowerment events and Unveiled Beauty X Fashion Show. In 2018, Lisa launched Unveiled YOU!, an empowerment program to guide and coach women on their own empowerment journey.

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Bravery exists in all of us. It is the fiber of our being. However, society has taught us that bravery is reserved for heroes who perform acts of grand proportions. That’s certainly what Lisa thought. After experiencing a traumatic incident in her adolescence, Lisa grew increasingly unfamiliar with her own voice and often felt powerless. In 2010, Lisa began writing poetry again and it changed the trajectory of her life. It became clear that she had the power and strength to heal, inspire and do brave things. She was brave all along. In this heartfelt talk, Lisa will share her story, reshape the definition of bravery, and help you recognize your own. Lisa believes our vulnerability is our Brave and our Bravery is Beautiful!


is a director and certified mentor at Limelife By Alcone. After battling a nearly 10-year addiction and celebrating almost five years clean, Sarah now runs her own business. She coaches and empowers women to live their best and most purposeful lives, helping them believe in themselves and discover their worth. Today, Sarah shows other women they can dream big, and create the life they want by beginning a new journey that provides sisterhood, self-discovery, purpose, empowerment, time freedom, and financial security. Every woman deserves that.

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Nobody grows up wishing to be an addict. Most addicts end up in jail, institutionalized, or possibly dead. This story is different. This is a story of faith and hope. After becoming addicted to meth and the needle, Sarah lost everything including her own daughter, her spirit, and her sanity. She was trapped in a chaos-filled hell, full of abuse and fear, scared she would never make it out alive. In this riveting talk, Sarah shares how she was able to heal, rise above her addiction, and emerge more beautiful and stronger than before. With love, Sarah reminds us to never be ashamed of our story and sharing not only heals us, but gives others the courage to unleash their own story.


is a personal brand consultant at Mandi Moon Consulting and owner of These Lips Don’t Lie, a cosmetic company dedicated to encouraging women in the workplace to take their seat at the table and live brave, bold, confident and free. She is also the founder of The Good People of Central Minnesota, a group of independent agents and entrepreneurs committed to business growth and development to create change and impact within the community. Mandi’s mission is to encourage others to live their best life by learning to break the barriers that hold us back., www.thegoodpeopleofcentralminnesota

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Have you ever faced a time in your life when you felt stuck? You knew where you wanted to be, but you couldn’t move past the unknown barriers standing in your way. This is where Mandi was. Unsettled and trying to fill a void, Mandi left a 10-year corporate finance career to pursue life as an entrepreneur – a change that challenged her in profound ways and forced her to dig deeper. Most of her life, she masked feelings of disconnectedness and emptiness with tangible achievements. This new journey revealed hurdles that no amount of studying, achieving or earning could overcome. Today, she is breaking down her internal walls. In this courageous talk, Mandi shares her experience of learning strength and bravery through vulnerability and the importance of breaking through our own barriers.