Sunday, March 10, 2019 | 4-7pm

Lumber Exchange Event Center |10 South 5th Street |Minneapolis, MN



is a master certified life coach, yoga/meditation teacher, and the founder of The Gratitude Project, a mother/daughter retreat centered in love and connection and The Gratitude Getaway, a women’s retreat focused on rest, rejuvenation, and personal growth. Robyn spent 16 years as a corporate leader and lived a narrative dominated by perfectionism and acceptance. Through courage and hard work, Robyn advanced her education, achieved personal healing and growth, and created a life aligned with who she really is. Her mission is to coach others toward gaining power and confidence to live a life free from self-doubt and bounding with self-love.

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Have you ever acknowledged the little girl inside of you? The one who kept your secrets, fought your fights, and dreamt big dreams? What difference could it make to listen to her, see her, and love her? Without witnessing and embracing the hurt girl inside, Robyn would not have been able to fully see or acknowledge her two precious daughters – the ones who have their own dreams to realize. Robyn knows they need a fully present mom who refuses to allow her past to interfere. In this heartfelt talk, Robyn shares her personal experience of stepping into some dark spaces in order to release, heal, and gain access to pure love and compassion for herself and all the women and girls she’s now impacting.



is an event marketing expert, a real estate investor, and a writer.Based on paying off over $60K in debt in 5 years and educating herself, MJ now teaches others how to take control of their personal finances. She recently finished the third installment of her Financial Freedom Februaryseries. MJ also blogs regularly on her website,, loves Jesus, her Jeep, and dreaming about her future. A champion of dreams, MJ believes anyone can be an every day rockstar. If you ever need someone to believe in you, she’d like you to know that she will.

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Life never goes according to plan; plan accordingly. At 30 years old, MJ’s life had seemingly reached rock bottom. Her relationship had turned to a relation-shit, her career had tanked, and she was broke in every way imaginable: financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Simply disappearing seemed the only way out. An unplanned escape to Utah where she spent time hiking and camping alone gave her the breakthrough she needed. MJ was ready to not only take her life back, but to take it to the next level. In this powerful talk, MJ shares what lead to her initial down spiral, how she regained her life and leaves us with this powerful lesson: some mountains aren’t meant to be moved; they’re meant to be climbed.


is a life coach and founder of Feel Fabulous By Fabiana, a coaching business that focuses on supporting women during major life transitions and helping them achieve their goals as they begin a new life. After earning an MBA and spending over 30 years in corporate financial markets, Fabiana pursued her passion to inspire and help women feel fabulous. Navigating a difficult divorce and coming out with a positive attitude gave Fabiana a newfound understanding of self and the motivation to help other women experience the same positive outlook! Fabiana believes transformation comes from within.

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Is it possible to create a new and meaningful life after a painful experience? Can you forgive? Raised by loving parents who’ve been married for over 50 years, Fabiana dreamed of having the same kind of lasting relationship. Fabiana’s story played out differently. After 15 years of marriage and living worlds apart, Fabiana found herself in a terrible nightmare. Trying to save her marriage despite deceit and betrayal, she had no choice but to ask for divorce. In this riveting talk, Fabiana shares the events that occurred in the last 5 years of her marriage and how a positive attitude can change our perspective. Fabiana also reminds us that every single day, we have a choice on how we react to our negative emotions or difficult situations.



is the CEO and founder of Lis’n Farm to Fashion™ hair care. A lifelong farm girl, Paulette created Lis’n, combining beauty with farm ingredients. As a hairdresser, she considers it an honor to have laughed, cried and laughed until she cried with thousands of hairdressers as she haslistenedto their stories. Paulette attributes her success as an industry speaker and author, salon owner, hair colorist and professional educator to her mentors and the support of her family. Lis’n Farm to Fashion™ hair care has been featured in Beauty Industry Reportand Volk magazines.

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Growing up in a Mayberry-esque setting where teenagers met at the local soda shop and families watched fireworks every Fourth of July, Paulette’s life was good. In the months and years following high school graduation, it became apparent that her family’s definition of success wasn’t the same as hers. This resulted in a deep feeling of not being good enough and not being able to live up to their expectations.  If she could re-write the Miriam Webster dictionary, Paulette would eliminate two words; “just” and “should” from its pages. In this moving talk, Paulette shares the profound impact, these two words played in her life, how grit, stubbornness, and determination helped her prove to herself she was good enough, and challenges you to rewrite your own dictionary.