Kathryn Mayer

Kathryn has spent the last three decades helping women look and feel their best as a certified, licensed senior medical aesthetician. She has spent the last 20 of those years at Spalon Montage in Edina, MN. Kathryn pours all of her life and professional experience into each facial treatment both medical and non-medical. She is an Educator in her field and is also schooled and certified in Yoga, Massage, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, and Traditional Thai Massage.The trends in skin maintenance and health have evolved and changed drastically over the years and Kathryn uses her vast knowledge to focus not only on the primary skin concerns of her patients/clients but helps to build a skin health plan based on those concerns and needs of each individual. Education is key, so to Kathryn the more we understand how the skin functions and how outside factors such as lifestyle, stress level and diet contribute, the easier it is to find the skin regimine and solutions that will work best to treat our unique individual needs.

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