Sunday, June 2, 2019 | 5-8pm

Lumber Exchange Event Center |10 South 5th Street |Minneapolis, MN



is a senior contact center engineer, group-fitness instructor, mom, motivator and co-creator of Lori believes in the importance of searching deep to discover what sets your soul on fire and then to just go after it. You can be the change you want to be. Her game changing strategy has been surrounding herself with strong, bold, and positive women. Lori enjoys encouraging others to go outside their comfort zone and try something new, being with friends and family, watching her kids sporting events, traveling the world, reading and shopping.

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What are you fighting for? Whether it’s your marriage, job, family, or simply inner peace, there are times when we lose ourselves in unhealthy battles. If you feel disrespected, not valued or loved, do something about it. YOU are worth fighting for! Lori did. At one point in life, she found herself stuck in a troubled marriage until the day she discovered the courage within to leave. Focused on creating a positive life for herself and her children, she built a successful career, discovered her passion for fitness, and began teaching fitness to others. In this positive talk, Lori shares how she was able to remove negativity from her inner circle and encourages us to listen to our inner voice and stand up for ourselves!


is a creative artist and owner of Mari’s Crafty Hands, a small business providing face-painting, body art and makeup for special events and private parties. Prior to, she spent over 25 years in customer service and banking. Most recently, Maricella competed in the 2018 Mrs. Minnesota America pageant as the first Mexican-American. An award-winning beauty queen, representing Anoka County, she was voted Mrs. Congeniality, best costume, and placed as 3rd runner up. Maricella is a wife, a mother of 3, a glamma and a community champion who supports women’s empowerment, inclusion and diversity.

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People often say the adolescent years are some of the best years of our lives. In our youth, it never occurs to us that one day, we might lose sight of who we are and abandon our dreams. Maricella lived this reality much too soon. Being in an abusive relationship as a young woman, Maricella bartered her well-being for what she thought was true love. She would come to make sacrifices only to be repaid with violent and manipulative behavior. After many encounters, he would whisper, “I love you. I can’t live without you.” In this courageous talk, Maricella shares her darkest moments, how she survived and reminds us that we have the power within to overcome, we are courageous, strong and meant to be crowned survivors.


is a creative entrepreneur, brand and marketing consultant, and owner of Mirror Ink Productions, a production firm that specializes in planning, strategy and logistics and Mindless Behaviors, a human liberation organization that raises awareness of deeply rooted issues and sparks communal conversations. For the last 15 years, her unorthodox strategic approach has produced innovative solutions and broken down communication barriers. Working on local, national and international projects has given Beatrice a greater understanding of human behaviors and patterns which has led to her expansion of Mindless Behaviors to include writing, consulting and events.,

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Too many times, we give away our power to people, situations and environments that do not foster our growth and in turn, make us feel disposable. Dead-end jobs, toxic relationships, bad choices, complacency, and serving a system that doesn’t serve us can all contribute to these feelings. Trapped in this vicious cycle, Beatrice found herself in the depths of an emotional and spiritual breakdown. This breakdown led to her powerful breakthrough. Time away opened her up to exploring her inner kingdom, uncovering her untapped potential and changing the perception of how she views life and the environment around her.  In this thought-provoking session, Beatrice shares her experience and reminds us of the importance of reclaiming our power and activating the god within.


is a soul exploration coach, author, yoga teacher, and a wellness enthusiast. As a soon-to-be empty nester, after raising two beautiful daughters, the time felt right to finally unleash the message that had been screaming inside of her. Today, Tina is the founder of both the Gypsy Lab, adultevents that encourage child-like fun, and the Remember Her Project, a soon-to-be released documentary and movement. Tina’s mission is to help women dust off the cobwebs of “adulting”, awaken creativity, explore pleasure and sensuality, deepen self-love and the divine feminine, and have MORE FUN!

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We are born creative and adventuresome. With curiosity, open mindedness and fearless intent, we hold endless possibilities and untapped talents. As we grow older, outside influences convince us to believe many UN-truths that are inconsistent with our inner truth. A series of events growing up led Tina to believe two very big UN-truths: she was stupid and should be ashamed of her body. Carrying the burden of these UN-truths weighed heavy on her for years. Tina kept her true self hidden and was consumed by shame and fear. Deep down, she knew, there was something BIG she needed to do. In this moving talk, Tina shares her journey and reminds us how reconnecting with our child-like wonder and trusting our inner truth can be magical.

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