Fashion Meets Poetry combines empowerment, poetry and fashion with the 2ndAnnual presentation of Unveiled Beauty X Fashion Show! This show takes you thru an enchanted journey of love, darkness and hope as we unveil stories, honor women and view custom couture.

Special this year, we welcome two models from our book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart, to share exclusive stories of their bravery journey. The evening transcends into the fashion show featuring 12 women from the Twin Cities community, showcasing custom-designed looks created by local designers and inspired by the book. It is our true intention that Unveiled Beauty X Fashion Show is a production that Celebrates Women in our Community and helps further fulfill our Mission to create empowering spaces for women to embrace the journey of life and the beauty of oneself through storytelling, knowledge and sisterhood.

Signed copies of Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart by Lisa Harris will be available for purchase at the event. Plus, NEW! Fashion Meets Poetry retail merchandise for sale.

TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Open to the public – all races, genders and equalities.
Advanced ticket purchased required.
Street parking available.

Our Core Values:

Authenticity | Diversity | Inclusivity | Empowerment

Fashion Meets Poetry, led by founder Lisa Harris, is changing the landscape of women’s empowerment by using the power of poetry, beauty & fashion combined with stories of bravery from everyday women. Lisa’s goal is to empower and provide the everyday woman a platform to share her personal stories of Bravery.


Evening Emcee


Jess is an executive leader in the field of HR technology, but her real job is raising three young girls whose most favorite assignment is when their Mama leads them on “adventures through the big, big world.” Jess is in her happy place when she’s kickboxing or running obstacle courses. She believes young girls and women of all ages thrive when they empower each other, defy expectations, surprise even themselves, and try big things. Jess puts the muscle behind this mission in everything she does, including supporting organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Diverse Daisies and her role as proud Brand Ambassador of Fashion Meets Poetry.


Topics & Speakers

(original models from the book)



Grief is not a four-letter word, not literally or figuratively. Although, anyone trapped in its desolated walls, will tell you it is living H-E-L-L. Jessica knows… because her sweet Elliot is no longer here. Experiencing the heartbreaking loss of her baby boy and raising her three beautiful children, Jessica has spent countless hours in a state of both grief and joy. While the world expected her to grieve in the moment, smile and move on, Jessica realized feeling the pain and anger was the best thing she could do for her own happiness. How can being sad lead to our happiness? Repressing our emotions is dangerous and sitting with grief is actually the ONLY way we can become one with our souls and find peace. In this moving talk, Jessica will share her emotional journey of loss and love and remind us that it is certainly ok to occasionally throw sand. At times it is even necessary.

Jessica embraces the richness of life’s journey. For Jess, most days are filled with the adventures of mothering four children and working alongside her husband, as co-owner of General Property Solutions, a building contracting business. With two bachelor’s degrees in business and English from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s certificate in teaching, Jess worked as a high school English teacher at a magnet art school before devoting herself to motherhood. With faith and hope, Jessica continues to persevere after losing her son. Today, Jessica believes that giving lightness to our dark sides is when darkness losses control over who we are and who we are to become.



Life-altering and devastating news can arrive unannounced at any point in our lives and leave us in a state of despair. In 2007, Autumn received this type of news. To fuel her inner strength, she pushed forth wearing her invisible ‘survivor badge’. Throughout the years, people reacted in shock and with that, a powerful revelation unfolded. When we discover someone is dealing with a more difficult situation than our own, we often downplay our personal struggles with beliefs that “it’s all relative”. What if it’s not relative? In the trap of comparison, we diminish the reality and enormity of our own journey and sacrifice self-compassion. In this captivating talk, Autumn shares her journey of navigating a 12 year fight with cancer and reminds us of the importance of having empathy for others meanwhile administering self-compassion care.

Autumn is an executive leader in human resources within the software industry, with over 20 years of experience in leading, coaching, developing, and training others. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Hampton University in Virginia and is pursuing her masters from Pennsylvania State University. Born and raised in Southern California, where she currently resides with her husband and two very active children. Autumn demonstrates resilience and strength as she continues to balance family, a high-demanding career and her fight with cancer. “Cancer has taught me how deep my faith is in God, and just because man says it is so, does not make it so.”~ Autumn Jones

Fashion Show Models

(click on model’s name for detailed bio)

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Featured Designers


Arianne comes from a long family lineage of artists and creatives. At the age of 4, she was often found at her Nana’s feet watching her design and tailor garments. After graduating top of her class at FIT in NYC, she began her design career working for Jill Stuart Jeans and soon launched her first company, Baby Couture, at 23 years old. Baby Couture appeared on the runways at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Most of her career, Arianne worked for top designers around the world and moved to Bangkok to learn more about product development and manufacturing. Today, Arianne owns ZaGaZa Production, a clothing company that produces and imports from a fair trade factory in Thailand. As a recent Minnesota transplant, she is already making a name for herself by winning the 2018 Design Icon Competition and showcasing her work at The Purple Ones Competition.


Anyse is a small town girl from Iowa who dreamt of becoming a fashion designer in the big city. From the loving hands of her great-grandmother, June, Anyse learned the age-old art of embroidery and cross-stitching at an early age. Today, she is living her dream as a local Twin Cities designer creating custom looks with hand embroidery and intricate beading. Anyse has participated in several fashion shows in the Twin Cities including, This is What Makes Us Girls and Black Hearts Ball. She loves having friends model to show the beauty in every person and to share her passion with those she loves. Anyse aspires to become an advocate for ethical clothing practices and to persuade fashion lovers alike to go against the cultural norm.


Deborah was born to design. While other girls were using construction paper and glitter glue to bring their creations to life, Deborah was sewing. Early on, she knew she wanted to make an impact on the world with the art of making clothing. Deborah began this pursuit by earning a fashion design degree from FIDM, one of the top fashion schools in the country. Following graduation, Deborah spent 5 years as a seamstress and consultant for a successful Twin Cities bridal salon where she mastered her craft. In May 2017, Deborah launched Beauty by Design, a Minneapolis-based couture bridal and formalwear business. Today, with fine craftsmanship of tailoring dresses, she empowers women to feel beautiful in their own bodies and provides her clients with sustainable and fair-trade fashion options.


Natalie has been fascinated by the world of fashion since the first time she watched Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. While her sisters loved the adorable puppies, Natalie was drawn to Cruella de Vil, the movie’s fashion aficionado. Years later, she decided to turn her infatuation into a career by pursuing her apparel design degree from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Natalie has presented two collections at St. Catherine’s Annual “Katwalk” Fashion Show (2017, 2018) and showed her designs on several local runways. As a young designer, she knows the importance of understanding all aspects of the fashion industry and has worked with local boutiques, Queen Anna House Of Fashion and Evereve in that pursuit. Today, as an ambitious recent graduate, Natalie hopes to join a talented design team for a major company.

Hair Team

From Left to Right: Ande St. Micheal, Susanne Huber, Gina Watkins, and Jonathan Gibson. 

Our Team


Lisa is an author, poet, speaker, the founder of Fashion Meets Poetry and the visionary behind the brand, Unveiled Beauty. With Unveiled Beauty, Lisa has created multiple platforms for the every day woman to share her story of courage and strength. She launched her work in the women’s empowerment space in 2017 after publishing her first book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart (released: September 2016). Prior to, Lisa spent +18 years in corporate retail buying, strategy and product development for Fortune 50 companies. Today, Lisa’s goal is to provide opportunities for women to be heard and to celebrate their Beauty and Bravery.


Amber Rose is a Twin Cities leader dedicated to working on initiatives that bring the business community together with mission driven organizations to make significant impacts in our lives and communities.  Raised in North Dakota, born into a family of agriculture and real estate professionals, she attended the University of Minnesota and founded 3BOSSES Marketing Agency.  Celebrating more than 15 years of relationship building here in the Twin Cities, she is most proud of her clients, friends and family.  Her favorite person is her little boy, Karter, nick-named “travel-boy” as they love traveling and doing activities together as a family.



Grace is a seasoned event planner in the Twin Cities. Growing up in a military family and moving over ten times throughout the United States and the Middle East, Grace thrives on meeting and working with new people. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, she now happily calls Minneapolis her home. Grace is currently working as a brand manager for I AM Sarah Edwards, along with planning special events and fashion shows as her side hustle.  When not at the office, you can find Grace at a yoga class, drinking wine while watching the Bachelor, or planning her next camping trip with her fiancé.


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Photography: ALL WAYS Film & Photography, Jovante Williams, Ella Chissotti
Hair Stylist: Watkins Studio, Gina Watkins
Make-up: Kiki Velazquez
Stylist: Styled by Ness, Janess Baar
Venue: FIVE Event Center
Public Relations: Anahita Champion