2019 Year In Review

        2019 Year In Review Lisa Harris ~ January 12, 2020 Today is January 12, 2020! We are officially 12 days into a new year and a new decade… how is that possible? With the holiday craze, family vacation, and falling a bit under the weather (10 days to be exact!), we … Read More

A Mother’s Imperfect Love

A MOTHER’S IMPERFECT LOVE Written by Ivy Kaminsky | December 23, 2019Unveiled Beauty Guest Blogger My innocent, nine-girl-old heart pounded a million miles an hour and tightness began building up in my chest. The familiar sound of shouting took over our house as I sat on my bed listening. No matter where I was it … Read More

I Knew of Her Before I Knew Her

      I KNEW OF HER BEFORE I KNEW HER: JESSICA IMSE Lisa Harris ~ December 12, 2018 In a quiet town off Interstate 94 between Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, I became friends with a girl named Jessi Wachendorf. Some may have called us teenagers, but as a mother now, I know we were … Read More