Sunday, April 28, 2019 | 4-7pm

Lumber Exchange Event Center |10 South 5th Street |Minneapolis, MN



is a licensed real estate agent with National Realty Guild building deep, authentic connections with her clients and guiding them to homeownership. With her energetic spirit, Elizabeth has traveled the world volunteering and working. She has live in over a dozen locations both domestically and aboard. Over the years, she has embraced a variety of work opportunities from being a tour guide in the Virgin Islands to teaching Home Economics/FACS throughout the Twin Cities. In 2001, Elizabeth planted roots in Minnesota, began building a family and a vibrant real estate business.

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Have you ever been on the wrong path over and over, even when you swore you took a different route? If so, you can relate to Elizabeth’s story - a journey from a broken young girl to a woman who learned how to love herself. After losing her mother at a young age, Elizabeth was sent adrift. She found herself moving through life feeling unlovable and in several unhealthy relationships. Over time, she found solid ground until another tragic loss brought her to her knees. Yet, she would not yield. She got back up, fought her way through depression and self-hate. In this raw & real talk Elizabeth walks you through overcoming loss, living in a dysfunctional family, and reminds us that self-love has the power to heal.




is a multi-talented artist, a master in her craft, a lightworker consultant, licensed cosmetologist salon manager, creative producer and founder of UFANCYWITH NANCY —“Where anything BE-YOU-tiful can happen.” Nancy specializes in lifestyle consulting, hair and makeup artistry, creative production, photography, modeling, and incorporating all of her talents into ART. She offers a series of lightwork consulting services in lifestyle, weight loss, life coaching, relationships, beauty hacks, and holistic wellness. In addition to her many years of providing outstanding services she has gained and lost over 50lbs and has a healthy lifestyle and beauty blog to TEACH and SHARE with everyone.

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Have you ever felt like you are worthless— lower then dirt? Believing to your core that everything you are, and were, and am, just isn’t? This is the place where Nancy’s story begins. She tapped into her inner strength and found a way to escape a dangerous, abusive marriage. After years of being beaten, this courageous, single mother left, along with her daughter, to start a new life and become her own lighthouse. In this heart-wrenching and uplifting talk, Nancy shares her story and she reminds those who are experiencing challenging times and feelings of worthlessness that she is proof, you can and will survive and thrive. She is here to tell us, “It’s going to be okay.” You’re a Survivor. You are HERE…  and this is ”Where anything BE-YOU-tiful can happen.”


is an artist, creative strategist and founder of Crayon Kelly brand. After 14 years as co-owner and business manager of Shane and Kelly Anderson Illustrations, Kelly branched out on her own to launch Crayon Kelly. Crayon Kelly brand offers custom art, interactive experiences, educational moments and tailored creative strategies for all sizes and types of organizations. With a wide-range of creative experiences, she has a keen ability to translate her business and creative skills to benefit both individuals and organizations. Today, Kelly shows other business-minded individuals how to embrace creativity.

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What does it mean to take energy and invest it back into yourself?  How does energy impact our physical, emotional and intellectual being?  When we exert talents and efforts into the things we love, we can thrive. And when we invest into things that do not bring us joy or overexert energies into others and things at our own expense – our creativity can be stifled and we can experience times of self-doubt and defeat. On the verge of an unwanted divorce and letting go of a business she loved, Kelly began to question her self-worth and ability to start anew.  In this artistic and heartfelt talk, Kelly takes us thru a journey of self-reflection and the energy shift she uses for greater self-discovery and beautiful art.


is a health and wellness lifestyle coach and the co-founder of Noir Elite Fitness, a pop-up fitness company that focuses on health, fitness, and nutrition and provides affordable fitness and wellness programs throughout the Twin Cities. Finding passion in health and wellness brought her to bodybuilding and operating and managing The Camden Farmers Market. Today, Chaz also coaches 150 pre-diabetic and overweight women. Her mission and purpose in life is to teach women how to heal themselves from the inside out, #1rep@atime! Chaz has been featured in Insight News, North News, MPR News, Star Tribune, and KARE 11 News.

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What trials and tribulations have you experienced that set you back or forced you to start over? Eight years ago, after divorce, Chaz had to reinvent, rediscover and reinvest in herself. Through fitness, she found peace and tranquility during this difficult time. Bodybuilding, life coaching, and nutrition played a major role in her becoming her best self. Soon thereafter, Chaz created a platform to help other women realize peace, forgiveness and new beginnings through health and wellness. In this inspiring talk, Chaz shares the highs and lows of surviving the storm and finding the rainbow at the end of her healing journey. She will help us unveil the best version of ourselves, show us how to self reinvent, and always Do it for the After Photo!