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It takes bravery to share our stories and we are honored you chose to take this step with Fashion Meets Poetry. We are your trusted partners along this journey. At Fashion Meets Poetry, our goal is to empower and provide every day women platforms to share their stories of courage and strength. Public speaking or writing experience is not required. Due to the volume of interest, we now have a formal selection process. We are looking for every day women who are ready to share stories that changed them or shaped who they have become - no story is too small or too large. Below are details and an application form to be considered for 2019. 


  • Opportunity to share your story and develop a deeper connection with your truth.
  • Be witnessed by your community on your path of self-reflection and healing.
  • Help inspire and empower other women with your story of courage, strength, and life lessons.
  • Access to the Unveiled YOU: A Women's Empowerment Program which includes self-reflection, defining your story plus group and 1-on-1 coaching in writing and public speaking.
  • Be a part of an exclusive network of women who have shared their story or modeled for our Unveiled Beauty audiences (aka, The Women of Unveiled Beauty).
  • Experience a professional fashion photo shoot that may include hair, makeup, styling, and edited photos. 
  • Receive a complimentary ticket to an upcoming Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU event.
  • Promoted as an individual and/or business throughout the series on website, e-blasts, and social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn (platforms approved by you).
  • Featured on marketing materials, signs & event program distributed at events (approved by you).


  • Commitment to timely communication is greatly appreciated due to the many moving parts
  • Available for fashion photo shoot  (details to be sent via email)
  • Provide bio and all social media and website links for promotion (willing to accept social media tags)
  • Determine topic title and write short description to be used on website, social media, and marketing (team will help to edit)
  • Help to promote through available channels and recognize Fashion Meets Poetry in all communication
  • Encouraged to personally invite family and friends to support by attending event or sharing 
  • Ensure content contains elements of vulnerability, story-telling, life lessons and advice
  • Review outline of speech and content with Fashion Meets Poetry for feedback and approval

Unveiled Beauty Speakers



FALL 2018

Speaker Testimonials



"Words can not describe how I felt on stage. Sharing my story at the Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU event was such an incredible experience. The platform Lisa has created for women is an inspiration and blessing to so many. For the first time in my life, I truthfully felt surrounded by love and support. I hope my story gave strength and hope to others. It has definitely changed my life."

~ Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU Speaker, Moving Past the Labels, 4/12/2018



"Sharing my story in front of strangers, friends, and family was scary and powerful. I kept watching people in the audience, terrified they’d either react negatively or not at all (not sure which would be worse). I had a moment of thinking “my story isn’t enough.” And then Lisa introducedme,Istood up, and felt the energy of the audience. I knew that regardless of what story I told, someone in the room would say, “Thanks for sharing” – it felt safe and I felt supported.  The legacy of this platform t ishowbravery spreads to more and more women, enabling more of us to be brave andto be brave allies."

~ Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU Speaker, What If You Could?, 10/11/2018


“Words can not express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to share my story on the Unveiled Beauty stage. From the community of amazing women to the training to the photo shoot to the big night! I felt supported and held every step of the way.The best part? Being able to shed my story right there on that stage. To untangle myself from the past and step into the brilliant and powerful woman that I am.”

~ Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU Speaker, Dancing with Creativity, 10/11/2018


"I didn't know what to expect from this experience. I was extremely nervous to tell my story because of the shame I still carried from those experiences. However, I've learned that silence further isolates us and sharing my story on the Unveiled Beauty stage was one of the most liberating and empowering things I've done in my life. Thank you, Lisa for creating such a powerful and loving space where women can share their truth without fear of judgement. ."

~ Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU Speaker, You Are Enough, 12/6/2018


Application Form