Lisa Harris

Lisa is a dynamic and worldly poet who is guided and driven by her own unique upbringing in the world. She was born in California and raised in a small town in Southeastern Wisconsin by an immigrant mother from the Philippines and a Caucasian father with Native American roots. As a young girl, being of mixed raced in a predominantly white community, she dealt with many conflicting standards and her own insecurities. During the emotionally charged teenage years, her poetry became her solace as a way to reconcile her swirling view of her place in the world. In those moments, writing was not a career but an outlet.

Lisa’s parents were non-college educated, working class people who instilled in her the value of what they were not afforded - an education. As a result, she remained diligent and committed to her studies in high school in hopes of attending college. It was not lost on her that she was only one generation removed from living in poverty in a third world country. She is also the oldest of three girls and felt she was the one who needed to pave the way. Her steadfast nature assisted her in this regard as she felt a great deal of responsibility and obligation to her family to succeed.

Lisa succeeded by earning her BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It was then, that she was able to explore her possibilities and embrace her other love - fashion. After graduation, Lisa pursued a career in retail as a buyer in apparel and beauty categories where she achieved much success and respect in the industry. So much, in fact, that she is currently a member of the Wisconsin Business Alumni Board for the University. In her younger years, Lisa’s passion for fashion was realized at the hands of her mother who was an exceptional seamstress, taking Lisa’s own designs and crafting them at the machine. She enjoyed designing several of her own high school dance dresses with her mom, who then brought her visions to life.

Being multiracial, Lisa greatly honored any opportunities that presented themselves to travel internationally and domestically to many major metropolitan cities. Her world view has presented her with many different versions of how women are “supposed” to behave and feel. Since she is so versed in seeing so much of the world and its women, in her writing, she wrestles with the challenges they face to reconcile all of which the world expects. In doing this, she gives credence to the fact that women are above all, individuals, and most often more powerful than they view themselves to be. She also has two children of her own now and hopes to make her mark on the world, so they can feel brave enough to make their own.

As many women know, there isn’t much time left after being a mother, a wife, and working on a career, but Lisa’s passion for writing could not stay stifled any longer. As any artist will attest, the art carries a life of its own; the artist must give it voice when it can no longer be held back. Her driven, focused corporate life has always been balanced by her romantic, dreaming heart, and this book is her shot at floating those dreams up into the clouds. Her stilettos are still on the ground, as she paves a new path for her life. Grounded. Lofty. Inspired. Determined. As is she.