Sunday, November 3, 2019 | 3-7PM
Minneapolis Institute of Art | 2400 3rd Avenue South | Minneapolis, MN


Lisa is an author, poet, speaker, women’s empowerment coach, and the founder of Fashion Meets Poetry. After over 18 years leading major branding initiatives, product development, strategy and retail buying for several Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized brands – she published her first book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart. This book launched an entire platform of empowerment and community engagement to support women. Lisa celebrates her 3rd year of producing Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU! empowerment events and Unveiled Beauty X Fashion Show. In 2018, Lisa launched Unveiled YOU!, an empowerment program to guide and coach women on their own empowerment journey. www.fashionmeetspoetry.com

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Bravery exists in all of us. It is the fiber of our being. However, society has taught us that bravery is reserved for heroes who perform acts of grand proportions. That’s certainly what Lisa thought. After experiencing a traumatic incident in her adolescence, Lisa grew increasingly unfamiliar with her own voice and often felt powerless. In 2010, Lisa began writing poetry again and it changed the trajectory of her life. It became clear that she had the power and strength to heal, inspire and do brave things. She was brave all along. In this heartfelt talk, Lisa will share her story, reshape the definition of bravery, and help you recognize your own. Lisa believes our vulnerability is our Brave and our Bravery is Beautiful!



Amber Rose is a Twin Cities leader dedicated to working on initiatives that bring the business community together with mission driven organizations to make significant impacts in our lives and communities. Raised in North Dakota, born into a family of entrepreneurs, agriculture and real estate professionals, she attended the University of Minnesota and founded 3BOSSES Marketing Agency.  Celebrating more than 15 years of relationship building here in the Twin Cities, she is most proud of her clients, friends and family.  Amber Rose would say her favorite person is her son, and most loves exploring and doing activities together as a family. www.3BOSSES.com

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Have you ever had a Vision about your life or about someone else’s, only to witness it comes true?  Was it exactly as you saw or in a form unexpectedly similar?  Visions happen in all of our lives, and it is powerful to recognize them as life enriching opportunities that give us perspective and hope.  Join us as Amber Rose speaks about the importance of acknowledging Vision, tenacity to see it all through and steps to take to foster positive outcomes. Sharing real life stories and detail of some of her life’s greatest challenges and triumphs, she is willing to be vulnerable on the stage in front of peers and guests, welcoming you all to join us for this riveting presentation.


Marty Jo is an experienced hair stylist with over 16 years in the cosmetology industry and an owner of several Sports Clips salons. Over the past seven years, she built a career with Sport Clips that went from manager to market-wide trainer to now locally investing in 12 Sports Clips salons. Marty Jo’s primary focus is on recruiting, training and developing the best stylists in the industry. Overcoming her own adversity, Marty Jo is passionate about providing stylists professional as well as personal growth opportunities. Her generous spirit and positivity inspires women everywhere to reinvent their future.


Life consists of its fair share of mistakes, failures and unfortunate events. These experiences can leave us with false labels that carry feelings of shame or guilt. However, we cannot allow these labels to define us. Marty Jo once believed she was a failure, a divorced, college dropout who allowed herself to be physically and emotionally abused. Or so she thought – until her strength and perspective proved her wrong. In this riveting and inspiring session, Marty Jo shows us that no matter how difficult our life circumstances, we get to choose who we are, who we will become and move past the labels that hold us back. Together, we can live through adversity with strength and grace.


Mandi is the founder of The Good People of Central Minnesota, a group of independent agents and entrepreneurs committed to brand development in order to promote economic growth within communities. Mandi is an expert in personal branding and works with agents, small business owners, and nonprofits to connect their story to loyal clients. She has generated multimillion dollars in sales for her cosmetic company, These Lips Don’t Lie and serves on multiple community nonprofits. Mandi’s journey to success started with one thing…learning to break her own barriers. Her mission is to teach others to break down the internal walls in order to find the success we are seeking. www.mandimoonconsulting.com, www.thegoodpeopleofcentralminnesota

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Have you ever faced a time in your life when you felt stuck? You knew where you wanted to be, but you couldn’t move past the unknown barriers standing in your way. This is where Mandi was. Unsettled and trying to fill a void, Mandi left a 10-year corporate finance career to pursue life as an entrepreneur – a change that challenged her in profound ways and forced her to dig deeper. Most of her life, she masked feelings of disconnectedness and emptiness with tangible achievements. This new journey revealed hurdles that no amount of studying, achieving or earning could overcome. Today, she is breaking down her internal walls. In this courageous talk, Mandi shares her experience of learning strength and bravery through vulnerability and the importance of breaking through our own barriers.

Sunday, November 3, 2019 | 3-7PM
Minneapolis Institute of Art | 2400 3rd Avenue South | Minneapolis, MN